Ask Us

What is fino?

A fino jell is a premium pectin jell confection, which has a silky smooth texture and is flavoured with natural flavours.

What is pectin?

Pectin is a soluble fibre extracted from fruit and vegetables (mainly the peel of citrus fruits) and is used as a gelling agent.  Unlike gelatine which is derived from animal by-products, pectin is natural plant based gelling alternative. Pectin also allows fino jells to encapsulate the natural fruit flavours.

Why is fino different?

Fino really stimulates your senses! The exquisite natural flavours combined with silky, smooth textures are sure to excite and satisfy like no other confection.

We only source the finest natural ingredients to produce an indulgent taste and textural experience that is fino.

How is fino 100% Natural?

All of the ingredients in fino jells are free from any unnatural additives; the fruit flavours are extracted from natural fruits; the colours are naturally derived from plants, fruits and vegetables; the Citric acid and Sodium Citrate are made by natural fermentation processes; pectin is derived from oranges and sugar is from sugar cane.

Is there any real fruit in fino jells?

There is actually no fruit juice, purees or fruit pieces in fino jells,  however the flavours are natural extracts from fruits. That is why the fruit flavour tastes just like you are eating the real thing but with the delicate and smooth texture of fino.

Are fino colours natural?

Yes, the colours that we use are natural pigments extracted from plants, fruits and vegetables.

Are fino flavours natural?

Fino orange jells taste just like an orange! Why? Because all our flavours are extracted from the naturally occurring flavour compounds from the fruit, it is essence of the fruit.

Glucose syrup is made from wheat, how can fino be gluten free?

The glucose is actually made from wheat starch. Wheat starch is a pure extract that has no allergenic proteins (gluten) as these have been removed in the process of making the starch. Hydrolysis and further refining of the starch also ensures that there is little likelihood of any allergenic proteins being found in the glucose syrup. Just to be sure, however, we have stringent testing measures to ensure that our fino products are gluten free.

What is citric acid and why do you use it?

Citric acid is a weak organic acid. It is a natural preservative/conservative and is also used to add an acidic, or sour, taste to many foods. In fino jells it helps the pectin set to that perfect silky texture.

What is sodium citrate and why do you use it?

Sodium citrate is the sodium salt of citric acid (above). It helps regulate the setting of the jell.

Is fino vegan?

All of fino’s ingredients are naturally vegan and vegetarian and are certified by our suppliers.

Is Fino Kosher Certified?

Yes, Fino is Kosher Pareve – view certificate.

Who makes fino?

My Jelly Pty Ltd manufactures fino premium pectin jelly confections in Australia.

Our talented team strive to develop, manufacture and deliver innovative confectionery products that are unrivalled in quality and value to our customers.

As a privately owned Australian company, we are proud of our heritage and the company's contribution to adding value to the Australian confectionery market.